Your Creative Brief

Spooky Thoughts


Van Aernum

What I absolutely love about Halloween is that adults become playful

with ideas and things we usually deem scary, creepy or taboo.

There is so much creativity and playfulness that gets unleashed at this time of year. We play for no productive reason. Plus, there is usually chocolate involved. Imagine if we took ourselves a little less seriously all the time?

Years ago, I had a daily tear-off calendar with affirmations by various holistic teachers. The one for October 31 by Louise Hay always stuck with me because it made me laugh out loud from seeing how much I did this:

“I release the need to scare myself with my own thinking.”

It’s amazing how quickly we can go down a rabbit hole of scary thinking with just about anything. How much do your inner ghouls and goblins scare you around your creative process? Do you have a creepy critic, or are you just ghosting on your burning desire to claim your inner artist? What spooky thoughts haunt you in the midst of a project to get you to stop?  Have you sold your soul to the devilish voices that keep you mired in the mud?

“I release the need to scare myself with my own thinking.”

Some people have thoughts that tell them they aren’t creative. I can help unmask that belief: We create these voices. We think they are speaking to us from some entity like we have an inner ventriloquist that speaks them. We make up a story about not being creative and then live out that story. Talk about creative!

So in the spirit of Halloween – let’s turn the tables on those scary tricksters!

“I release the need to terrorize myself with my inner critic.”

“I flourish and thrive, and feel fully alive when I say yes to my creative spirit!”

If your artistic spirit vanishes into the creaky cupboards when Halloween is over and the daily grind buries your creative soul once again, I invite you to a FREE* 50-minute “Reclaim your Creative Soul” Breakthrough Session. Whether you are an artist who is stuck at a crossroad, a person who has never dared to acknowledge their inherent creativity, or a professional who feels blocked and burnt out, I want to help you keep those creative cobwebs dusted off for good!