Your Creative Brief

Pet Peeves,
Football, and Peanuts®


Van Aernum

With football in full swing, it made me think of one of my favorite

cartoons, and one of my pet peeves. It is experiencing “Lucy and the football” moments with other people.

If you’ve ever watched or read a Peanuts® cartoon by Charles Schultz, you are no doubt familiar with how Lucy would coax Charlie Brown, time and time again, into kicking the football, convincing him she wouldn’t yank it away this time. And although he knew better, he would convince himself it couldn’t possibly happen again. Yet, just as he was about to make contact, she would yank the ball again and he would land flat on his back!

Have you experienced a version of that with others? I have.

But in thinking about why it bugs me so much, I began to have insight into a version of this game that I’ve played with myself – although I don’t play it with the same regularity I once did.

I used to convince myself, time and time again, that I would focus a certain amount of time working on a specific daily creative practice only to simply not do it. I would let the daily routine yank my time away and not prioritize my desire. The day would pass. I’d tell myself I’d do it tomorrow. Rinse. Repeat. RATS!

Let’s think about Charlie Brown for a moment. Why did he always fall for the setup? Because he really wanted to kick that ball! The possibility of it working out differently kept him going. Like him, my persistent desire for living a creative life kept me going. But, I was also blind to the part of myself that would yank the ball with equal persistence.

Let’s face it. It isn’t easy to get out of the loop of sabotaging ourselves around the things we truly want. If it were easy, we’d see a whole lot more people getting out of their own way. There are many reasons why we do that, and it can be individual to each person in how that sabotage shows up. However, from my own experience I know it is completely achievable to shift those patterns.

If you find that you are yanking the ball on your own creative life, I want to invite you to a FREE* 50-minute “Reclaim your Creative Soul” Breakthrough Session. Whether you are an artist who is stuck at a crossroad, a person who has never dared to acknowledge their inherent creativity, or a professional who feels blocked and burnt out, I want to help you finally get the thrill of kicking that ball and living your best creative life.