90-day Ignite Your Muse Program

It’s for you if you…

• Are feeling stuck or burned out in your business, job or life.
• Have put your artistic life on hold and can’t seem to integrate your creative desires with your family or business demands.
• Are yearning to create, even though you believe, or have been told you have no capacity for it.
• Feel judgmental, critical or fearful of showing up in the world as a creative person.
Cannot sustain a consistent practice, due to lack of either internal or external support.
• Keep postponing your life by thinking you’ll say yes to yourself sometime in the future.
• Are ready to commit to yourself.


Feel more connected to work and life by allowing your whole self to express!
Restore self-trust in following through on your heart’s desire!
Integrate creativity into your business to improve your personal performance!
Cultivate a mindfulness practice, especially if you struggle with sitting meditation!
• Allow yourself to have fun and learn the value of play!
Learn how to develop a creative habit that can bring a deeper sense of satisfaction and inspiration to your life.


• 9 one-to-one 50-minute coaching calls personalized support to get into the nitty-gritty of blocks, uncover opportunities and celebrate successes to make the creative shift you crave!
• Pre and post-session homework assignments – keep you focused and accountable to your goals, and identifying your next steps in reclaiming your creative soul
• 5 as-you-need-them 15-minute calls – additional  support for your creative recovery
• Email access – for freak-out moments, burning questions and support in between calls.
• Monday Musings motivational messages sent to your inbox, keeping your creative journey from the slip and slide of neglect that can happen during the demands of the week.

Sign up Bonus for 90-day package

• Muse journal chart your creative journey: challenges you’re facing, victories you’ve experienced and mindset breakthroughs. This makes your progress more tangible and trackable.


A 4-hour coaching immersion, designed to break down blocks and shift limiting beliefs, helping you to accelerate expansion and gain a clearer connection to your creativity.

Offered as an optional add-on to the 90-day program
or as a stand-alone module.