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Are you ready to thrive creatively in your career and beyond?

In this confidential, 50-minute telephone conversation you will:

• Get clarity on the creative life you really want to have •
• Discover the essential mindsets of creative flow •
• Determine the #1 thing holding you back from claiming your innate creativity •
• Identify the most powerful action you can take which will move you to thrive creatively at work and in other areas of life •
• Complete the session having the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to reclaim your creative confidence •


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“You are a gifted teacher...”

The retreat was a wonderful experience for me. You are a gifted teacher. Truly, this was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. – PS

“My work has taken on a new meaning…”

I had been “stuck” in what seemed every area of my life and found myself on a slippery slope of procrastination and excuses. I felt dull and lifeless. Kathryn quickly brought me to an inner awakening. She gave me so many practical suggestions to work through the fear that had led to that point. I felt the negative energy shift almost immediately. The progress and momentum that surrounds my creativity now are irreplaceable. My work has taken on new meaning and I’m excited for what the future holds. – MH

“...It has added to the joy of my daily life”

“I was thrilled to see that I could create something so beautiful. I felt so liberated and comfortable. It was truly the first time I relaxed and believed in myself artistically. It opened something in me that has added to the joy in my daily life.– KH